Welcome to the Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

Trained for Productivity

Trained for Productivity

The UBC places a top priority on developing the total professional: Carpenters and Millwrights who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities.

Success in the Southern construction community hinges on keeping pace with the evolving construction industry.

Training — both at the local level and as part of our affiliation with the UBC — is the key that keeps Southern District carpenters and millwrights at the front of that learning curve.

Interior Systems

Our men and women are constantly trained and re-trained to be highly-valued assets on every job site. Effective training means exceptional skills, which leads to outstanding productivity, superior safety, and work that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Contractors who hire Southern District carpenters and millwrights are competitive and confidently bid for projects because they know their crews are trained and ready to work according to schedules and specifications. They know their crews are trained to be jobsite leaders. They know that safety is always the top priority, every day.

Each of our five regional councils have multiple training centers, where apprentices and journeymen learn new skills or hone and sharpen existing talents. We prepare our members for certifications and qualifications both in the training centers or on job sites so they can quickly learn the content, gain their credentials, and get to work.

Safety – A business deliverable

Safety is not just a belief for Southern District carpenters and millwrights, or even part of the task list. It’s the overriding principle for accomplishing our work.

Trained To Be

Safe, Productive, And Teamwork-Oriented

Weld Inspector

The UBC invests more than $200 million every year into training through its International Training Center (ITC). Hundreds of courses are created, refined, and offered in either a “train-the-trainer” format or in direct member education. Content is adjusted as the industry evolves, thanks to a talented staff of education and construction professionals, subject matter experts and industry partnerships.

Equally important is creating a strong, informed, educated core of construction leaders for the future, and the UBC’s Department of Education and Training tackles that responsibility for thousands of our members every year. The DET Learning System includes specific training tools and programs designed to improve both individual and organizational performance at every level. Its focus centers on developing heightened abilities in communication, leadership, management, public speaking, and marketing.

Pile Driver

“Our goal is to develop professionals with elite technical skills who deliver safe, productive work everyday.”

— Wayne Jennings
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Southern States Millwright Regional Council