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We are Exposing the Dark Side of Nashville's Construction Boom

There's a construction boom underway in Nashville, but with the prosperity comes a dark side: An underground of cheating contractors and their accomplice labor brokers, both of whom exploit workers and cheat the public out of millions of dollars in tax revenue by skirting the system to avoid paying fair wages and a multitude of taxes.

The Southeastern Carpenters are fighting this epidemic as aggressively as possible, and our work is paying off. One of our strategies is to bring as much exposure as possible to the situation. We want the public to know what is happening in their city, and how these lawbreakers are hurting them, their family, neighbors, friends and co-workers.

Our latest accomplishment, led by the Council's Business Development Director Victor White, helped Nashville's News Channel 5 look into the issue, which culminated in a great investigative report.Take a look at that report, here.

Getting media coverage is a key weapon in our fight. Take a look at our other recent media features about Nashville's dark side of its construction boom:

Southeastern Regional Council of Carpenters' Victor White was a guest columnist recently for the Nashville Tennessean, the state's largest newspaper. Victor spelled out the cold, hard facts in an informative and thought-provoking article entitled:Nashville is being built on a pyramid of payroll tax fraud!

Nashville'shit show, OpenLine, hosted Victor to discuss wage theft and payroll tax fraud in the construction industry. Victor provided a host of information for the viewers to consider.Take a look at the show, here.

According to some estimates, $2.6 billion in payroll tax fraud is lost annually. Nashville construction projects add up to more than $2 billion.It's clear that weve let the construction industry take advantage of workers, skirt their taxes, and skim off the top for too long.

Learn more about this epidemic:http://stoptaxfraud.net/