Welcome to the Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America



Put Your Gratitude into Action this Veterans Day

On behalf of the UBC Southern District, I wish all of our members who are veterans a very special “thank you” for your sacrifice, bravery, and service. And for all of our members who are spouses, parents, brothers or sisters, extended family, and friends of our nation’s enlisted or veterans, I also want to thank you for the behind-the-scenes sacrifices you all have made to support your soldiers during and after their tour of duty.

There will be lots of tributes this Veterans Day, but I would like to take our gratitude a step further. Let’s use this Veterans Day as a call to arms  to help our heroes as they transition back into civilian life.  Reach out to an active-duty soldier or veteran and let them know that the UBC wants to repay their efforts by providing them with a really good career that includes a clear path to retirement.

Give him or her this link: http://ubcsoutherndistrict.com/Join.xml

Let him or her know that the UBC needs them to fight the Southern manpower shortage so that our jobs and economy stays on American soil. Remind them that they are a perfect fit to become a professional carpenter because of their military skills and experience. Ask him or her to join us. Let them know they’d be joining a different band of brothers and sisters, but one that has the same “We Got Your 6” culture.

If you have any questions, please contact your business representative and ask how you can help thank a Veteran by bringing them into the Brotherhood.

Happy Veterans Day!

Dennis Donahou, UBC Southern District Vice President