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MVP Instructors Needed

The Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council Training Trust Fund is considering hiring a full-time and a part time instructor to deliver carpenter craft training and millwright craft training through the Military Veteran Program at the army base in Fort Campbell, KY.

The salary for this position shall be approximately $36.74 per hour. The full-time position is based on a 40-hour work week, 52 weeks per year, with incentives and a raise to come within six months, based on performance. A substantial benefit package along with paid holidays, vacation and sick days is also included.

If selected, the applicant must be able to assume the position as early as January 31st.

All resumes must be received by January 7th.  

Applicant’s resumes will be reviewed, and selected applicants will be notified of time and place of interview.  

Basic requirements for the position are as follows:


Although not required, other factors that may be considered are:

Individuals who meet the basic requirements and are interested in the position need to send their resume to:

Mid-South Carpenters Regional Council Training Trust Fund Director, Rickey Moore, at rmoore@mscrcttf.org