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Local 283 Members Earn Milestone Service Pins

Peter J. McGuire

Local 283 is one of four locals that comprise the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council. Local 283 is also one of the oldest locals affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. It was chartered April 15, 1899, and its charter was signed by Peter J.  McGuire, organizer of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and founder of Labor Day, in 1881.

The Local is currently working more than 1,000 carpenters, pile drivers and scaffold builders in Georgia and South Carolina. 

As the construction industry changes, Local 283 members change with it, keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements and providing contractors with manpower that provides them with the ability to stay competitive in the industry. The first ingredient in a quality job is Skilled and Qualified Craftsmen. We accomplish this through our Apprenticeship and Journeyman upgrading programs.

Congratulations to the following members of Local 283 who have earned their milestone service pins, ranging from 5 - 70 years. Way to go, brothers and sisters! 

70 years - Harold Dye, Rueben H. Partridge

65 years - John Ackerman

45 years - William Barton, Jack Jackson, Robert (Shorty) Wilson

40 years - Raiford Kenner, Clifford Lewis, Stanley Rawls, Derrell Welch

35 years - Herbert Crews, Dennis Gay, Nick Jankovich, John Ledbetter, Bobby Phillips, Carol Ray, Robert Rice, Martin Robertson, David Shumake, Daniel Singletary, Bruce Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Richard Wheatley

30 years - Carl Crutchfield, Charles Hodge

25 years - Quinn Bentley

20 years - Arlon Cloer, Clinton Harris

15 years - Tommy Harden, Kenneth Herron, Hugh Hixon, Jerry McDowell, Mel Rawls

10 years - Zebulon Ailstock, Andre Beulah, John Clark, John Duff, Danny James, Jason Jenkins, Henry Jenkins, James Jordan, Erik Raymon, David Ruehmer, Randall Simmons, Wesley Thomas

5 years - James Arthur, Sonny Arthur, Kenneth Bledsoe Jr., Sharon Brown, William Buckley, Earl Burke, Jr., Brinden Bush, Grant Campbell, Nathan Chalker, John Christy, Sr., Danny Corley, Steve Covington, Kenneth Cusmano, Steven Doyle, Jason Etterle, Danny Garcia, Jr., Michael Glisson, Robert Goff, Joacinto Grimes, Erik Haaseth, Brian Hammett, Josha Holland, Alex Hux, Jr., Anthony Johnson, John Jones, Brian Jones, Sr., Michael Kattnew, William Lucas III, Nicholas Mantooth, Allen Marfitt, Jr., Cameron Martin, Matthew Meadows, Corneilus Morgan, Rory Myers, Bart Poole, Jim Riley, Travis Rimmer, Tyler Rivera, Christopher Scheid, Christopher Shelby, Sr., Tyrone Shellstrom, John Shelton, Tony Sheppard, Ambrose Sleister, Gordon Sparks, Lawrence Stephenson, Carl Story, William Summers, John Thaxton, III, John Timmerman, David Toney, David Waters, Jr., Guy Weathers, James Whaley, Samuel Wiggins, Bradley Williams, Derrick Williams, Graham Yoch