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First Southern District Labor-Management Conference Creates Many Reasons to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to thank the many contractors and other employers who support our efforts to bring safe, productive work to a project owner’s job site, everyday. It’s also an excellent opportunity to thank the regional council leadership and staff throughout the UBC Southern District, who work diligently to partner with our employers so that labor and management both achieve their objectives.

Recently, our employers and UBC Southern District leaders gathered in Florida to foster that partnership even further at the first Southern District Labor-Management Conference.

About 200 people from all 11 states in our District participated in information sessions, networking, and fellowship opportunities over a two-day span. The event enabled our labor and management leaders to hear about wide variety of support and resources available to them at the local, district, and UBC international levels.

Presentations included inside views and examples of best practices in skill training, leadership development, interior systems, industrial, healthcare infection control construction, and marketing.

A special thanks to keynote speakers Jody Crews, Senior Vice President, & Harold Richardson, Vice-President of W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractors for their presentation on the development and importance of long-term relationships between an employer and the UBC. A special thanks, also, to Mike McCormick, President of Siemens Generation Services Company, & Co-Chair of Millwright First Committee, for his presentation on the partnerships that produce excellent results in this industry’s sector.

Here's a photo album of the event.

We are fortunate in the UBC Southern District to have a group of talented, dedicated men and women on both sides of the table who are committed to providing an excellent work product and an excellent environment from which our carpenters, pile drivers, and millwrights are able to excel.

So this Thanksgiving, and on behalf of the entire UBC Southern District, I sincerely thank our employers, our Regional Council leaders, and every single man and woman who wears the UBC emblem for their hard work and consistent dedication to making the Southern District construction industry successful.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be one of happiness, rest, peace and awareness for all that we have to be thankful for.


Dennis Donahou, UBC Southern District Vice-President