Welcome to the Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America



District VP Offers a Labor Day Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Labor Day was created by our Brotherhoodís founder, Peter J. Maguire, more than a century ago. Itís a time to honor the hardworking men and women whose labor creates the wealth and prosperity to our country.

Today, as we face unprecedented, uncertain times, it is important to remember our UBC history and know that the strength of the UBC is, and always has been, needed most in times like these.

I ask each and every member throughout the UBC Southern District to stay focused on the positive steps we can take to withstand the challenges of this historic pandemic, fractured political arenas, and an unstable economy.

Know that the leadership of the Central South, Florida and Southeastern carpenter councils and the Southern States millwright council are all working extremely hard to protect and grow our market share to keep members working. We are striving to keep as many members employed as possible, to get new members to join our ranks, and to keep our contractors competitive.

Your charge is to be ready. Take skill-upgrade courses at your local training center. Make sure your certifications are up to date. Be active in your Local. Support COVID-19 safety guidelines on the jobsite. Recruit anyone whom you believe would be a good union carpenter.

Register to vote and then make sure your voice is heard on election day. To prepare, stay in touch with your Councilís political department to learn about issues that affect working families across the South. We will never tell you how to vote, but we will make sure information you need to make your decision is available to you.

Most of all, keep a positive attitude.

The pandemic will end. The economy will turn around, and we will work with our elected leaders for the betterment of our membership and their families. Things will get better, and when it does, while others are trying to get back on their feet, we will be ready and equipped to succeed.

We are UBC Proud and We Build Strong because of outstanding brothers and sisters like you. Thank you.

Please be safe and happy Labor Day.

Yours in solidarity,

Dennis Donahou, Vice President

UBC Southern District