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Congressman Murphy Meets with Florida Carpenters, Picks Up Endorsement and Campaign Support

Link: http://www.flcrc.org/News4.xml

The Florida Carpenters Regional Council (FLCRC) recently hosted U.S. Senate candidate and Congressman Patrick Murphy, from Florida’s 18th Congressional District, at the Fort Lauderdale Training Center.

Murphy accepted the invitation to address a mixed group of apprentices, carpenters, contractors and Council staff. During his visit, he also received an official endorsement from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, the FLCRC, and all of the Council’s local affiliates.

In his comments, Murphy stressed the importance of rebuilding and maintaining America’s middle-class. He outlined his platform, which is centered on:

The Congressman also took a moment to talk about his father’s history in the construction industry, first as a laborer and then moving up to become a carpenter from the former Miami Local 2024. 

Before organizing the event, leaders of the FLCRC met with the Congressman to discuss his platform and how the FLCRC can help his campaign.

“There are target areas where we can be of great help to build on his campaigning effort, and to support the Get Out the Vote initiatives,” said FLCRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer James Banks. “Congressman Murphy is a champion for our organization and for the working middle class in general. We wish him well in his campaign.”